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This is pricing for weekly and non-weekly pool service under R & R Pool Care to clean or regularly maintain a pool. Included are lists of chores to keep pools clean and attractive. We're regularly committed to those chores for our clients, who don't have the time to commit to them themselves. Our vacation pool service and as-needed service reflect this comittment as well.

Weekly Pool Service

Basic - Chemicals Only Service - $65.00 per month Includes water testing, chemicals, and adjusting to maintain optimal water conditions.
Weekly Maintenance Service - $89.00 per month - includes basic chemicals*
*Specialty chemicals such as algaecides are additional charge
Includes above services plus: chemicals, skimming pool, brush walls and steps, empty baskets, visually inspect equipment, backwash as needed, vacuum as needed and salt cell cleaning as needed.

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Non-Weekly Services We Provide

  • Tile cleaning  
  • Acid washes 
  • Chlorine washes 
  • Green pool clean-up 
  • Equipment repairs 
  • Plumbing repairs 
  • Filter and equipment replacement 
  • Drain and refills 
  • Sand changes 
  • Salt cell cleaning 
  • Start up chemicals